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Good Question

It's Monday. How'd that happen? As it is, I find myself in need of caffeine again, considering we stayed up too late watching the Slumdoggernaut trample across the Oscars, and then woke up too early thanks to an inadequate diaper.

In short: gaah.

* * *

Took Ian to the pet store to resupply foods for the furballs. The local animal rescue agency was having an adoptathon out on the sidewalk in front of the store, so Ian got the chance to see the puppies. Many, many puppies. Quite the hit, they were. And no, we're not getting a dog. To quote my lovely wife: "Four cats, a toddler, and a puppy? You're killing me."

Amusing anecdote of the day: after we left the store to go wander through the wilds of Best Buy, Ian decided after a bit that TVs were boring and he wanted to go back to the pet store.

As we were walking down the sidewalk, the dogs were barking and barking, the sound of it echoing through the parking lot. Ian looked at me and said, "What are those puppies talking about?"

* * *

Have purchased the plane ticket to Starry Heaven. V. exciting, no doubts.


So what were the puppies talking about?

I think they were asking if anyone had any bacon.

But, soon you won't have a toddler, so I think you could easily add a puppy ;-)

Can't wait to read your book! But I will, because I need more time to get mine ready.

the puppies were saying, "take us home with you, ian!"

Well, it's a good thing he didn't understand them, isn't it?