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As The Flashbulbs Burst

Just had a visit here in the library from my favorite tow-haired lad, who charmed the ladies left and right. I think the pirate hat he wore might have helped with that; call it the blond-Errol-Flynn-Captain-Blood effect.

In related news, I now also have a dirty diaper in my office trashcan. Need to do something about that before I leave tonight, methinks.

* * *

I have begun the reworking of my NaNoWriMo novel, in an attempt to get it into shape for Starry, Starry Heaven (favorite numbers six and eleven). I am hopeful about this, in that I will make it better. Or at least, not so embarrassing to show to other people.

* * *

Tim's new book, Spell Games, book 4 of Marla Mason series came out earlier this week. Which is fine and dandy, except for the fact that neither my local B&N nor Borders had it. They also never got the third book, Dead Reign in, or Toby's last book, Sly Mongoose, or Scalzi's Zoe's Tale, or Mike Jasper's A Gathering of Doorways, or, or. Book superstores, indeed! Ha! I say again, ha! I shall take my business to the internets! Good day, sirs!

Okay, I was able to get Hines's Stepsister Scheme at my local B&N, but still. For gigamegaconglomco establishments, the two are sadly lacking. Must be related to that whole collapse of the world economy I'm reading and seeing so much about.