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Plan To Fail? No, Fail To Plan

Created at ObamiconMe.com
For those of you who actually care about such things, the Obama cover of the latest ish of Amazing Spider-Man (now on sale) is a hideously rare thing, due to the fact that Marvel didn't tell anyone in advance of the news everyone else saw last week. Genius! As a result, most stores have very few copies, and the ones they do have are priced accordingly. At my own fine purveyor of superhero soap operas in pamphlet form, they had two copies they'd gotten in their original order and were asking fifty bucks for a copy. To which, I say: ouch.

Nevertheless, both those sold in the first five minutes, and not to me. One went to a young lady who looked like she'd never set foot in a comic shop before, the other to a large man who had the intensity of someone hoping to make a bundle on eBay a half hour after he left. As for me (and unfortunately for him), there are cheaper copies available there, albeit not that much cheaper.

But wait, all was not lost!

They also had a handful of copies they had acquired from secondary sources. I believe those are either a) other comic shops or b) people who got hold of a box that "fell off the truck." Those would be priced even higher. See previous ouch.

For those of you who do want a commemorative copy, they are planning on releasing a second printing with a slightly different cover (gold background). Those'll be cover price, and will probably stay cover price in value, as there'll probably be a jillion of them. Look nice on your wall, tho'.

As for me, I bought the regular cover issue, the one implying Peter Parker will soon be enjoying a threeway (spoiler: probably not).