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This Anecdote Is [REDACTED]

Another birthday come and gone. My thanks to those of you who sent me birthday wishes in Facebook. I'll admit I didn't read them until today, as I don't use Facebook except to poke people. You know, because I can.

One of the students who works in ILL asked me if I did anything exciting. The answer, of course, was no. I have a small child at home, it's a weekday, the economy is in the toilet, and it wasn't a particular memorable milestone. Feh, I say. Although it was a bit unusual as birthday's go.

I took the occasion to go to the doctor. Well, not a regular doctor. A [REDACTED], although that's not the correct name. They're actually called [REDACTED], which is more [REDACTED] but also more [REDACTED]. Needed to get [REDACTED] checked. Turns out I have a [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] that had [REDACTED] and was [REDACTED] like it was a [REDACTED]. He [REDACTED] it a bit, causing me to [REDACTED] like a [REDACTED], then told me there was nothing else to do but wait for it to improve on its own. Copay, please.

In short: [REDACTED]. Birthday. Evar.


Reminds me of the yearly womenly checkups I have to do every year. They poke around the hoohah and you pay them for it. Doesn't seem fair.

Happy Belated!