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Look Out! He's Got A Camera!

The boy, armed with a camera, took some photos the other day. I provided minor assistance, to make sure they weren't all pictures of his thumb over the lens.

Any cats in there?

He actually took two pictures of my car. I don't know why.

Hey, you kids get offa my...oh, wait. You did. Thanks!

Santa's less fortunate cousins get jobs as garden gnomes.

Self portrait and portrait.


Hm ... it seems to be prompting me for a login and password to see the pics.

Whoops! Fixed.

I can't get over how adorable that last picture it.

Wowzers, his smile in that last picture melts my heart instantly. What a cutie!!!

that last picture looks like jon and a blonde haired lisa. good job!!!

The last one is my favorite! You have a budding photographer, there.