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Revisionist Spider-Man

Whoo! NaNoWriMo!

(Seriously, how am I keeping up with this? Very strange.)

* * *

As I mentioned a while back, I've been reading the No-Longer Complete Amazing Spider-Man on DVD. Well, at least until NaNoWriMo consumed my free time. At any rate, I left off at Amazing Spider-Man #290-292, which is apparently the issues showing the point in the Marvel timeline where Mephisto intervened, causing Parker and the lovely MJ to not get married.

Whoo. Comic geek headrush. Beg your pardon.

Here's that quote from that Marvel writer, minus that really stupid crap he said about civil unions and gay marriage:

Guggenheim said a lot of people who aren't reading Spider-Man or refuse to read Spider-Man are judging it based on misunderstandings. "Part of the problem with the controversy behind One More Day is the understanding of what was retconned overstates the extent of what was done," he said. "Everything that happened in the last twenty plus years of comic book history happened! The only difference is that Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson weren't married. They still dated. They still lived together. They still love each other. They just weren't married. Judging from the letters and death threats we received, I think some people were confused. It all still happened."
Ah. Still lived together. Fair enough. But that will result in a few changes. The big proposal scene is now:

Duh duh daah! But how does Ms. Watson react?

Ouch! So, MJ runs off to see her sister who's in trouble, Peter follows, MJ crashes her car into a giant robot's leg, then smacks it with a baseball bat (as seen here), and realizes she really does love Peter and his fumbling attempts to connect with her:

And I bet that particular annual made for some interesting reading.


I stopped reading Spiderman a long time ago, but the whole Mephisto thing still annoys me. I love a good retcon as much as the next guy, but there is an art to it. This was just lazy, sloppy storytelling. If Marvel in their wisdom wanted Pete & MJ no longer married, they could have accomplished that without undoing 20 years of storyline. Then again, Spiderman has a history of badly botched continuity hijinks--see "Clone Saga." (Shudder.)