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Stream Of Warm Impermanence

Ah, Wednesday. Is there anything you can't do? If there is, I don't want to know about it.

* * *

In local Real Lifeā„¢ news, Lisa has departed her position at ASCRABAWOSOALKASMMLC to start work at SmallCo. It looks promising: she gets her own office! With four walls, a ceiling, and a door. She starts this coming Monday, and so is spending the rest of the week with a little R&R. Wish her luck! Er, on the job. The R&R will go fine, I'm sure.

* * *

Took Ian for a flu shot this morning. He was surprisingly agreeable when I told him he was going to the doctor, and seemed totally unfazed. Right up until the point when they stuck the needle in him. Naturally, there was some fazing at that point. But after they slapped the band-aid on him, all was well again. Next year of course, I might have to tell him that the flu shot might give him strange & unearthly powers.

Hey, that could work.


yay for Lisa's new job. I will wish her luck on the R&R. Ian is a great kid. Band aids are amazing.