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Meeska Mooska PSA

Behold the young lad wearing his symbol of allegiance to the omnipresent forces of Disney. Tim, Heather, & Toby, my advice to you is to never ever ever flip to the Disney Channel, pause on it, or even admit that such a thing exists when River and the twins to be named someday ask. Claim it went off the air. That you don't get that channel in your part of the country. Whatever. Otherwise you'll have this little ditty in your brain:


Now it's true that song was written by They Might Be Giants, which is cool, but it's also true that this song is an earworm of terrifying power. Be warned.

Anyhoo, I had hoped to scan Ian's latest school pictures, but scanners at home and work are kaput. Grr. Maybe I could just mail a picture to one of you, and you send it to someone else, like a really cute chain letter. I'm sure that'll work just fine. With luck, everyone will get to see it before he graduates from college.


truth be told, i sorta like the hot dog song.

hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.

we're splitting the scene, we're full of beans.

See? Beware!