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Later This Day

I'd forgotten to mention that I got a rejection over the weekend: 20 day nope from Diet Soap. Alas.

Clearly this is a low end year for me, in terms of, well, pretty much everything writing related. Did my best during the 100 day writing dare, but after it was over, it didn't stick. Even more annoying, I didn't do much with what I did produce. Sigh.

I'm not giving up on writing, but I do need to do some thinking about it. Which I have been. I just need to do some more thinking. Think, think, think. And then do the think, whatever it may be.

* * *

Lisa started the new job yesterday. All is well! I think she'll be très happy there.

Reading: Yay, words. Recently read Rough Weather, the latest Robert B. Parker. Also Last Son of Krypton, by Elliot S! Maggin, after years of seeing Gregory mention it. Years! Plus ILL makes that so easy to do. Fit a couple hardcover comic collections in on the side, Darwyn Cooke's take on The Spirit, vol. 2 and Batman: The Black Glove, by Grant Morrison. Got both of those from the library. How handy it is that libraries buy graphic novels these days.

Currently am perusing Don't Think of an Elephant! by George Lakoff.


That Lakoff book's pretty good, think I.

Good luck with the writing questions. IMO the best thing to do is not decide one way or the other and just wait and see what happens.

If I do that, then inertia will decide for me. I am a lazy man at heart.

So what'd you think of the Superman book?

I liked it. It was like reading Silver Age Superman in novel form, but not as goofy.