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I Can Make It That Long, Can't I?

Back from Florida, where we attended the wedding of Lisa's uncle Erik. A nice ceremony, and a fairly rockin' reception. This is the second wedding of someone in Lisa's family I've attended, and for both of them, when the DJ fires up the dance music at the reception, her family is the one that gets out there and shakes it on the dance floor. Well, plus the bridesmaids. The other family always sits on the sidelines and drinks and watches as tho' trying to figure out what's going on. People...moving rhythmically... to music?!?!? Madness!!!!

But we had a lovely time. Brought back a pair of Mickey Mouse ears for Ian, who thinks they're the best thing since, well, Mickey Mouse. He actually wore them for around 36 hours straight, not even taking them off in the bath. Even when he went to bed, he slept clutching them. Yes, I'll get you a picture.

* * *

I have my copy of the Spider-Man Stephen Colbert team-up issue propped up in the window of my office, so library patrons can see it. It's interesting to watch and see who stops to look at it. Some chuckle and some get a look on their face that says, "I don't get it."

* * *

I wonder if John Scalzi will ever respond to my emails concerning this? Even if it's just to tell me, "yes, yes, be quiet & go away now or I'll have Krissy hurt you."

* * *

Two weeks left until the election. Just two more weeks.


You might have more luck leaving a comment on his blog, maybe?

Ian and the mouse ears. Dang, that's cute.

I have left comments on three different (yet related) entries, with no response. My emails have also been from three different accounts. Of course, he gets a metric ton of comments and emails, so it wouldn't surprise me if he didn't notice them or they were autodumped into a junk folder. At this point I'm hoping for an egosurf discovery.