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Democracy Is Fraught With Peril

Just back from early voting. Meant to do it last week, but it turned out participatory democracy is popular this year, and I didn't have the time. Er, at the time. But now I do (did) and have. Waited in line for an hour. So far about a half million Georgians have voted early, and it looks like there's still plenty more to come.

A few people left not long after arriving, which begs the question as to why they even got out of their car in the first place. And as I was filling out the paperwork inside stating who I was, the poll worker running the door stuck his head to get someone to call 911 for someone who'd passed out. Remember, kids. Don't lock your knees, or so my marching band teacher used to yell.

At any rate, I'm all voted up now. Even got me a "I Voted" sticker, which I plan to wear on November 4th. It'll still be true. Oh, and suck it, October Surprise! Too late to influence me!


Good job, citizen!

Thanks, comrade!

good for you!! as a poll manager, i encourage all who can, vote early (but not often).