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Cracked Books

Although I haven't been listing what I've been reading in the last few months, I have been reading things...once in a while.

Admittedly, there's a little repeating of the past here. So I like Wodehouse. Sue me.

Reading Right Now: The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Collection on DVD. This is actually a lie; for one thing, it comes to a halt June 2006, which was a while back. The other minor problem is that it doesn't include issues of other series where there was a crossover. So if you come to one that says, "To be concluded in Web of Spider-man #98," well, that's just tough. Fortunately, there are ways around this. Still: bah.


Awesome collection of books! I've only read a handful of them, so I'm looking forward to hearing which are your favorites. (I've read Story, Making Comics, Killing Toke, and Maus. I've seen all West Wing and all the Wodehouse, but haven't read much of them.)

Any standouts in the bunch?

We just read Contract with God over the summer. The Spirit is on my list after I finish my current read (I'm slow!)

Hm. Some thoughts: Early Wodehouse is really good (Code of the Woosters in particular); the later stuff (in this case, How Right You Are & Tie That Binds) feels quite formulaic/repetitious. The price of having to keep up a formula.

Franklin Richards is the methadone to Calvin & Hobbes's heroin. Seriously. Mini-Marvels is pretty cute, but Little Vampire is as adorable as all get out.

Empowered is superhero manga, and surprisingly good, for all that the main character is so, um, self-pitying at times. Plus her best buds, Thugboy and Ninjette, are great, along with Demonwolf, the ancient evil trapped in a bondage belt.

The Batman stuff were actually all mentioned in an EW article pointing to them as both inspirations and jumping off points for the summer movie. They're all really good, but I think Batman Year One was my fave.

I love Astro City, and my only objection to Dark Ages is that it's volume 1. Don't make me wait, Busiek!

Eisner is God.