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October 31, 2008

Swing For The Fences

Friday Night Fights, civilian style:

From Amazing Spider-Man #292. Written by David Michelinie, penciled by Alex Saviuk, and inked by Vince Colletta. Marvel, 1987.

Keep swinging!

I like how excited the kid is about the prospect of MJ breaking his bat.

* * *

107 day reject from OSC's IGMS. Bah. Happy Halloween, everyone.

October 30, 2008

Weapons Grade Cute

Thanks to the kind assistance of my buds in Interlibrary Loan (all hail ILL! They're now on Facebook!), Ian's school pictures have been scanned and are now available below the fold for your delight. Beware: these pictures are so adorable, so sweet, that you may find yourself slaves to his will! Unable to resist his smallest whim! Little old ladies, hardened senior citizens, and grumpy old men have been melted at ten paces by that look! So only click if you dare! You have been warned!


October 29, 2008

Meeska Mooska PSA

Behold the young lad wearing his symbol of allegiance to the omnipresent forces of Disney. Tim, Heather, & Toby, my advice to you is to never ever ever flip to the Disney Channel, pause on it, or even admit that such a thing exists when River and the twins to be named someday ask. Claim it went off the air. That you don't get that channel in your part of the country. Whatever. Otherwise you'll have this little ditty in your brain:


Now it's true that song was written by They Might Be Giants, which is cool, but it's also true that this song is an earworm of terrifying power. Be warned.

Anyhoo, I had hoped to scan Ian's latest school pictures, but scanners at home and work are kaput. Grr. Maybe I could just mail a picture to one of you, and you send it to someone else, like a really cute chain letter. I'm sure that'll work just fine. With luck, everyone will get to see it before he graduates from college.

October 28, 2008

Later This Day

I'd forgotten to mention that I got a rejection over the weekend: 20 day nope from Diet Soap. Alas.

Clearly this is a low end year for me, in terms of, well, pretty much everything writing related. Did my best during the 100 day writing dare, but after it was over, it didn't stick. Even more annoying, I didn't do much with what I did produce. Sigh.

I'm not giving up on writing, but I do need to do some thinking about it. Which I have been. I just need to do some more thinking. Think, think, think. And then do the think, whatever it may be.

* * *

Lisa started the new job yesterday. All is well! I think she'll be très happy there.

Reading: Yay, words. Recently read Rough Weather, the latest Robert B. Parker. Also Last Son of Krypton, by Elliot S! Maggin, after years of seeing Gregory mention it. Years! Plus ILL makes that so easy to do. Fit a couple hardcover comic collections in on the side, Darwyn Cooke's take on The Spirit, vol. 2 and Batman: The Black Glove, by Grant Morrison. Got both of those from the library. How handy it is that libraries buy graphic novels these days.

Currently am perusing Don't Think of an Elephant! by George Lakoff.


October 22, 2008

Stream Of Warm Impermanence

Ah, Wednesday. Is there anything you can't do? If there is, I don't want to know about it.

* * *

In local Real Life™ news, Lisa has departed her position at ASCRABAWOSOALKASMMLC to start work at SmallCo. It looks promising: she gets her own office! With four walls, a ceiling, and a door. She starts this coming Monday, and so is spending the rest of the week with a little R&R. Wish her luck! Er, on the job. The R&R will go fine, I'm sure.

* * *

Took Ian for a flu shot this morning. He was surprisingly agreeable when I told him he was going to the doctor, and seemed totally unfazed. Right up until the point when they stuck the needle in him. Naturally, there was some fazing at that point. But after they slapped the band-aid on him, all was well again. Next year of course, I might have to tell him that the flu shot might give him strange & unearthly powers.

Hey, that could work.

October 21, 2008

I Can Make It That Long, Can't I?

Back from Florida, where we attended the wedding of Lisa's uncle Erik. A nice ceremony, and a fairly rockin' reception. This is the second wedding of someone in Lisa's family I've attended, and for both of them, when the DJ fires up the dance music at the reception, her family is the one that gets out there and shakes it on the dance floor. Well, plus the bridesmaids. The other family always sits on the sidelines and drinks and watches as tho' trying to figure out what's going on. People...moving rhythmically... to music?!?!? Madness!!!!

But we had a lovely time. Brought back a pair of Mickey Mouse ears for Ian, who thinks they're the best thing since, well, Mickey Mouse. He actually wore them for around 36 hours straight, not even taking them off in the bath. Even when he went to bed, he slept clutching them. Yes, I'll get you a picture.

* * *

I have my copy of the Spider-Man Stephen Colbert team-up issue propped up in the window of my office, so library patrons can see it. It's interesting to watch and see who stops to look at it. Some chuckle and some get a look on their face that says, "I don't get it."

* * *

I wonder if John Scalzi will ever respond to my emails concerning this? Even if it's just to tell me, "yes, yes, be quiet & go away now or I'll have Krissy hurt you."

* * *

Two weeks left until the election. Just two more weeks.

October 15, 2008

Democracy Is Fraught With Peril

Just back from early voting. Meant to do it last week, but it turned out participatory democracy is popular this year, and I didn't have the time. Er, at the time. But now I do (did) and have. Waited in line for an hour. So far about a half million Georgians have voted early, and it looks like there's still plenty more to come.

A few people left not long after arriving, which begs the question as to why they even got out of their car in the first place. And as I was filling out the paperwork inside stating who I was, the poll worker running the door stuck his head to get someone to call 911 for someone who'd passed out. Remember, kids. Don't lock your knees, or so my marching band teacher used to yell.

At any rate, I'm all voted up now. Even got me a "I Voted" sticker, which I plan to wear on November 4th. It'll still be true. Oh, and suck it, October Surprise! Too late to influence me!

October 10, 2008

Who Says Comics Aren't Relevant?

In this issue, the Fantastic Four discovers there's a slight problem with their 401ks:

From The Fantastic Four #9. Written by Stan Lee, drawn by Jack Kirby, and inked by Dick Ayers. Marvel, 1962.

Remember kids, you can always make more money. Xerox machines do a reasonably good job.

October 09, 2008

I For One Welcome Our New Socialist Overlords

Good news, comrades! Our Glorious Leader Comrade Bush will soon be nationalizing the banks! No, really.

Next up: socialized medicine, redistribution of land, and the ERA! Whee!

One world state! One world state! One world state!

October 08, 2008

Random Thoughts

It's raining out there. Yay! While I don't have my umbrella, I do have my trenchcoat, which makes me feel like I've got a bit part in some noir movie.

The stock market is down, then up, then down, then waaaay down. Investors have my sympathies. As I understand it, a not unreasonable expectation is the Dow ending up around 7,000. Welcome back, 1997!

Hot new t-shirt for sale: Not McCain's Friend.

The Stephen Colbert appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man will be in issue #573, out next week. October 15th at fine comic retailers everywhere.

This isn't the dirtiest campaign in history. Thomas Jefferson's, for instance, was pretty hard-core.

Abe Vigoda is still alive.

Taking Andy to vet on Friday morning. Lucky duck cat.

I will probably go and do early voting tomorrow morning. I like voting day, but Ian will apparently be off from school (and Lisa will be at work). While I think it's a good idea to try and teach the boy about democracy in action, I think standing in line for a projected record turn-out might be a bit much for a two-year-old. Next election, definitely.

October 06, 2008

I'm High On Believing

Preschoolers' Feelings. These are great, although some are a bit sad. You know, like the feeling!

October 05, 2008

Cracked Books

Although I haven't been listing what I've been reading in the last few months, I have been reading things...once in a while.

Admittedly, there's a little repeating of the past here. So I like Wodehouse. Sue me.

Reading Right Now: The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Collection on DVD. This is actually a lie; for one thing, it comes to a halt June 2006, which was a while back. The other minor problem is that it doesn't include issues of other series where there was a crossover. So if you come to one that says, "To be concluded in Web of Spider-man #98," well, that's just tough. Fortunately, there are ways around this. Still: bah.

October 03, 2008

Now That's Art

Martial art, that is. Friday Night Fights:

From Incredible Hulk #321. Written by Al Milgrom, inked by Dell Barras & colored by Michael Higgins. Marvel, 1986.

Hulk need consult dentist.

October 02, 2008

It's On!

The Vice-Presidential Debate is on! Caribou Barbie vs. Amtrac Joey! Bible Spice vs. Size 11 Mouth Biden! Exciting stuff! Yep!

As for me, I'm reading old Spider-man comics. Ha ha! That J. Jonah Jameson! What a character! Is there anything he won't stoop to in a shameless attempt to try and prove ol' Spidey's really a crook? [Editor's note: No.]

October 01, 2008

We Pay Our Debts On Time

I am amused to see that our state university system, which was about to cancel a widely used, unbelievably popular book sharing program because of the costs involved, has cracked. From what I've heard, various professors from our state universities were busy equipping a mob with pitchforks and torches to lay siege to the offices of Those Responsible. For heaven's sake, they could've at least waited until the semester was over.

In other such news, our university (read: library) will now be closed all winter break, which means I'll be off December 20th through January 5th. There's also the possibility we'll be closing up some more around Thanksgiving. I would be lying if I said this disappoints me.