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The Crisis Has Passed...Or Has It?

Last night 300 spam comments came in, with 100% of them being caught by the moderation filter. That doesn't even count the ones that were automatically killed due to prohibited terms. HAHAHAH! Where is your First Amendment now? HAHAHAH!


* * *

The local gas crisis (and by local, I mean where I live) seems to have passed. The corner station had gas last night and they have gas again this morning, along with the station across the street from them. It's been well over a week since that last happened, so I think things are getting back to normal.

Of course, the way they fixed this in the metro area is they temporarily removed the EPA requirement for low sulfur burning gas only. They were talking about this on the news; twenty years ago there were three types of gas: regular, premium, and super-premium. Now there are 41. The original three, along with their variations: low sulfur, ultra low sulfur, high rainbows, extra crispy, with bleach, with anti-oxidants, with riboflavin, all-natural organic, cherry flavored, and skrull flavored. Mmm, skrull.

You can see why this would be a problem. All these variations means that the oil refined gets split into a lot more types than before. The smart thing to do would be to mandate low sulfur or whatever is the "cleanest" and that's all they make. There are probably a lot of objections to this, not the least of which would be from the refineries, who would fight it in court. The cleaner stuff is almost certainly harder to make, which means it's more expensive to make, which eventually will translate a lower end-year bonus for their executives. But it would help limit the ability of another major league hurricane that chose to rampage through the gulf (or elsewhere, if off-shore drilling starts up again) to cause economic ripple effects throughout the rest of the country. Surely that's enough of a reason, right? Lower bonuses are okay, right? You don't need that third BMW, right? Right? Guys?

Hm. Now I'm all cynical again. Time for a cup of tea. With lemon!


i can remember when there were two grades of gasoline- regular and high test. regular cost $.19.9/gallon.

i can remember those things because i'm 73 years old today-- time to go physical therapy!!

but then, i can't remember what i just posted.

That's why all you have to do is scroll up, sir.