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Happy Birthday, Dad

On a much happier note, I'd like to wish my Dad a happy birthday today! Hope you've had a good one! I'll call when I get home.


No way! Today's my Dad's bday too!

Well then, happy birthday to your pop!

my dads b-day is october 14....tomorrow! happy 49th b-day dad!almost half a century! lol jk

My Dads birthdays is November 13th and this is the first one without my dad for he lost a battle with lung cancer back on April 16th of this year. It is going to be a hard one but with the tears that I will shed it will be the tears of his rememberence and of course me missing him also.. I have 2 other sisters, a brother and my Mom still here and we are thinking about getting a cake and celebrating it anyway just to show we love him and remember him now and always...