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If They're All Like This, I Don't Think They'll Catch On

Been taking a staycation this week. Off all week! Woo! But it's not been as restful as one might think. I've been off for three days now, and so far I've weeded the flower beds, put down a hundred bags of pine bark, trimmed the hedges (we have a surprising number of hedges, actually), cleaned out the garage (including sweeping out), cleaned the ash out of the fireplace, done the laundry, changed the furnace filters, changed the litter boxes, done the grocery shopping, and shredded the mound of credit card receipts under my desk. And tomorrow Lisa and I drive over to Athens to help her sister unpack her moving van.

Then again, maybe I'm just doing it wrong.


Really a hundred bags? That's a lot of bark!

Your staycation sounds a lot like my day off on Monday - drive J to the airport, get an oil change, take 2 unhappy cats to the vet and start working on cleaning for pending father-in-law visit. And to think about all those times when I was little and wanted to be an adult. I think we both might be doing it wrong!