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His Brand New Deal (Updated)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend; we did, what with visiting of various relatives, helping to build those familial bonds and all that whatnot. One of these bonds, however, comes from my sister-in-law Lisa J. On Saturday we'd gone to dinner with Lisa's folks and her sister to celebrate Lisa's mom's birthday. Ian was being a bit cranky, so Lisa J was showing him stuff in her wallet, various cards and such. One of them was her credit card, which has a large picture of Mickey Mouse on it. Ian naturally asked, "Dat?" So she told him. It seemed to satisfy him and that was it.

Sunday, we were over in Athens with my parents having dinner at the Cracker Barrel. On the way out, I paused in the gift shop (filled with pop culture nostalgia; I once bought a CD of the 1938 radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds" there) to point out to Ian a CD they had of Disney songs. Ian immediately grabbed it, shouting "MICKEY!" A little surprised, I agreed. Ian said "Mickey" a few more times as we examined it.

And then I tried to get him to put it back on the rack.

Five minutes later, I ended up buying it. He's got a very strong grip.

We have now listened to the "Mickey Mouse March" about fifty times. I am counting my blessings, however. This is the only song he wants to listen to, and the very first song on this CD is "It's A Small World." Shudder.

* * *

And now for some more serious news: my dad is having his hip replaced tomorrow. I don't actually know when, but that's hardly my fault. The hospital won't tell you when until, like, the afternoon before. It's like scheduling cable: "Yeah, I'll be by to install your hip sometime between 8 and 5. Be sure you're there." And you know if you try and step out real quick to get the paper, that's when they'll stop by.

At any rate, I'll let you know what I know when I know it.

Update: And now I know: 6:30am. Thanks to Ian's years of training me to rise early, that should be a piece of cake.


Hoping your dad's cybernetic implantation procedure goes as smoothly as these things normally do these days, and that he's up and trying to kill John Connor very soon.

greg, thanks for the good thoughts. it's my first time in hospital since 09/25/1935, so it will be an adventure, based on a new experience.

Greg, the doctor did say he wouldn't be able to do anything he couldn't do before. So if he hasn't caught John Connor by now, it's probably not going to happen.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your dad!

thanks, chandra.

Best wishes for your dad! Recently, an 81-year-old friend of ours had a hip replaced, and I was amazed by how quickly he recovered and how much better he's now getting around only a few months after the surgery. Hope your dad does as well!