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So That's Karen Page

Bought a copy of Essential Daredevil v1 the other day at Borders. If you're unfamiliar with what they mean by "Essential," it's a black-and-white reproduction of the first 25 issues for pretty cheap. Black and white actually works pretty well for Daredevil, which has a slight hint of noir about it, what with him growing up in Hell's Kitchen, his dad the murdered boxer, Kingpin and all that. A guy in red tights doesn't quite fit, but he does in black and white.

Anyhoo, took it home and that night started reading. Got maybe ten pages into it when *pop* the cover separated at the spine. Cheap, cheap glue. Oh, and for the record: not printed in China or Mexico. Canada. Surprised me too. They can make beer but not glue, it seems. Grr. I could've taken it back, but they didn't have another copy. So instead I took it to work, where one of my helpful coworkers (hi Rita!) provided me with a brush and glue made according to an ancient library recipe. Yes, librarians make our own glue: the secret ingredient comes from patrons with overdue fines. Some gland, I think. Twenty-four hours later and ta dah! good as new!

I do love my day job.


That reminds me: I have some overdue books to turn in.


I would like that secret recipe....

that's a handy day job you have!