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It Seems Ignorance Is, In Fact, Bliss

Last week I decided to stop reading political blogs. To make it count, I just went ahead and deleted the entire bookmark folder. Click, click, aah. Freedom.

I started reading political blogs right around the time the Iraq War started (so, what? six years ago?). Over time the bookmark folder grew and grew. The other day I realized two things: 1) there were an awful lot of them, and 2) that meant I was spending an awful lot of time reading about things that were only going to make me mad. I mean, c'mon. I already know Bush is a crappy, crappy president and I'm going to vote for Obama. The rest is just, well, chatter.

Yes, there are going to be people out there you don't agree with. Stupid people, saying things that are wrong wrong wrong out on the Internet. Fine. That happens in real life too. Let them think and say their stupid things. I'm taking a vacation.

I might start reading again after the November elections, but for now I think I'm going to give my blood pressure a rest. No need to return to your homes; please continue your daily routine.