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But The Joke's On Me

Another exciting evening here in libraryland.

Ha! I'm just kidding.

* * *

Sent out a wave of submissions yesterday, with the last one dropped in the mail this morning.

Soon I anticipate a wave of rejections, because, well, y'know.

* * *

Our birdfeeder is being rapidly depleted, thanks to a chipmunk's dedication to his craft: cheek stuffing. Lisa thinks there must be a family of them out there, but I've never seen more than one at a time. I prefer to think of a single chipmunk, a lesser cousin to Alvin, Theodore, and the other one whose name I can never remember, forced to get by in the wilds of suburbia, possibly reselling the excess seed he steals to the pigeon mob to pay for his dance lessons.

Reading: Breakaway, by Joel Shepherd



Ah, thank you.

For the pigeons I'm imagining the cartoon characters from one of the "Animaniacs" segments. "Goodfeathers" I think it was. (I need to add that to my list of DVDs to acquire...)

Just the pigeon mob I was thinking of! Which is strange, because I don't remember watching Animaniacs that much. I think my brain is leaking.