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A Menace So Powerful

A pretty good weekend, for the most part. My folks came over Saturday, which is always nice. I had to work Saturday, of course, but Ian and Lisa had a lovely time with them. On the downside, Ian managed to damage my printer. He turned away from the ABC Zoo Game on the computer, flipped down the printer door, reached in and pulled out, well, something that wasn't supposed to come out. A long piece of plastic that looked like it might be involved in wrangling the paper. It doesn't look torn, fortunately, but I haven't tried to reattach it yet. I might give Ian a shot at it. Never too early to learn how to fix your mistakes.

* * *

Finals are pending, which means there'll be a week of people sitting around the joint but wanting nothing to do with us. They'll just be hunched over laptops or books, cramming knowledge into their brains, and more power to 'em. Then it's about two weeks of nuthin'. I'm thinking I'll squeeze some vacation time in there somewhere.

* * *

Spoilers don't actively bother me, I have to say. I'm not the kind of guy who reads the last page of the book he's reading in case he dies before the end, mind you. It's just an annoyance if there's a twist of some kind that's the whole point of the story.

I remember once in grad school, Lisa and I were watching The Shawshank Redemption with a couple friends of ours. During one particularly suspenseful scene, one of them turned to me and asked, "Does he manage to escape?"

So I told her.

Her immediate response was to indignantly reply, "Why did you tell me that?" Well, because she asked. True, reading a review is not the same thing as asking how does it end, but a review is designed to tell you about the movie/book/whatnot, and it's often hard to talk about why something is good or bad without describing it in some detail.

On the other hand, saying the equivalent of "Wow! I can't believe Vader is Luke's father!" as you pass the people waiting to go into the movie is just asking for trouble.

Reading: Killswitch, the last in the Shepard trilogy.


Oh, spoilers have ruined several movies for me: "The girl's a guy!" or telling every possible funny part to Forest Gump so that it became rather hollow--no surprises.