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"But Then The Ancient Egyptians All Died In A Car Accident"

Went and saw Eddie Izzard perform last night. Truly he is the funniest man in our part of the cosmos.

* * *

I don't how accurate this article on the future of video games is (it is from Cracked, after all), but this game Spore sounds like the sort of program that'll make World of Warcrack as compelling as a game of tic-tac-toe.

Mind you, the stuff they list as coming down the pike fifteen years from now is already firing up the "You kids get off my lawn!" instinct in me. They'll probably yell back something like "The evil dragon is attacking!" and start waving their arms as they throw virtual fireballs at me. At that point, I'll go get the hose.

Reading: Matter, by Iain M. Banks.


SPORE looks awesome, but I'm holding out for Little Big Planet (Sony PS3). Omg, does it look amazing!!!

Also, totally agree about Eddie Izzard.

Sounds cool, but what a time sink. I'm glad I never migrated to the newer games or I'd never have free time!

Hey, I didn't really migrate either. The only reason I even pay any attention at all right now is because of Ian. True, he's a little young, but when he does start wanting to play video games, I'd at least like to minimize my shock.