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And Now He Is Two

It was a vigorous weekend, thanks to the two-in-one holiday combo of Father's Day and Ian's Birthday. I realize Ian's Birthday isn't a holiday -- yet -- but it's a holiday in this house. Admittedly, Father's Day wasn't much more than "Enjoy your card," but that was just fine with me. He's the whole reason why I get credit for that day anyhow. Besides, if my math is correct, that won't happen again until 2014.

It was a good party; grandparents of both sides appeared, as well as Lisa's sister Lisa and our friends Jason and Chandra, with the cats circling around the edges. True, it lacked the wholesale cake destruction of last year, but you can't have everything.

Figure One: Ian paused in the middle of checking to see if he won 50 grand when people started singing at him. He naturally accepted this spontaneous show of love and devotion as his due, then went back to his lottery ticket. Sadly, he did not win.

In addition to the cake, we had real food that grownups would enjoy. Probably for the last time; next year he'll be able to pick the menu. If we're lucky, it'll be pizza at home. If we're unlucky, he'll want to go to Chuck E. Cheese (shudder).

Reading: After finally finishing the massive Hembeck Omnibus, I read Sarah Prineas's The Magic Thief (excellent! Sarah, when's book two coming out?) and am now enjoying David Schwartz's Superheroes. Most excellent.


Two years already? How did that happen?

Happy birthday to Ian, and Happy Dadsday to Jon!

I know!

Really, two years. Wow.

Book two comes out when the little guy turns three!

A year? Gah!