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Ah, Tuesday

Sarah Prineas's book, The Magic Thief, is out today. You should all go buy a copy right this second.

* * *

An exciting day: requested several thousand dollars worth of books for the library to purchase, and attended a presentation from the campus safety director on what to do in case of a workplace shooting. Your three options, in order of preference, are:

  1. Run for the hills
  2. Hide like a mouse
  3. Fight like hell
So remember that, 'kay?

* * *

Here are three songs that, when they've come on the radio in the last few days, Ian has shown some interest in. That is to say, he starts grinning and boppin' along.

His taste is diverse, at least.


Thanks for the book mention, yo!

My pleasure, you. Lisa is currently reading it right this second (I haven't had a chance) and seems to be enjoying it.

I really, really liked it! The characters were great; I kept coming back to Benet - what's his story?

I'm looking forward to reading it to Ian one day.