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My Roots


This is from The Avengers #164, October 1977, one of the very first superhero comics I can remember reading (but not the very first; that would be Spectacular Spider-Man #7, the June issue). I don't remember if I bought it or Paul did, as if it matters. We each got a dollar allowance every Friday, and every Friday we'd make Dad drive us to Ray's Corner, a local convenience store in a concrete shack that sold RC Cola and Moon Pies, and yes, had a spinning rack of comics. We'd each get three, read them and then trade. A handy thing, siblings.

As far as I'm concerned, this little exchange sums up the essence of all superhero action: there's some semi-witty banter, then one character punches another so hard they fly off into the distance. Hopefully they'll do some of that in the new Hulk movie.

* * *

I have been keeping up with the writing, I promise. Although I've not reported in a while, the numbers are 173 (Monday), 119 (Tuesday), 891 (Wednesday - Go Elmo Baggins!), and 123 last night. So, I've stumbled but not fallen. Yay, not falling.

I also have a rejection to report, my second of the year: 87 day no from Flytrap.