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I Remember This Guy

We have returned from the mountains of North Carolina, which were haunted by bands of motorcyclists and the occasional sleek 'Vette cruising the twisting roads outside Santa's Land. Lisa's clan gathered for the purposes of celebrating their patriarch's 80th birthday. This was done by eating steak, telling stories, and killing the hornets in our cabin. Well, that last one was more my thing. All too often you can't have a good time unless you kill something.

Still catching up on what happened in the real world. So far, I've gathered, both Syndey Pollack and Robert Asprin died, Hillary Clinton said something incredibly stupid, most of you who went to WisCon were struck down by the plague, and gas hit $5 a gallon (in Death Valley, which is a special location. But still).

Anything else I need to know? Here, a song to listen to while you think: Bip Bippadotta sings "Opposites."