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Giant-Size Tales Of Whatnot

It's a tale as old as time itself, and I think H.P. Lovecraft told it best in his story, "Sweet Ermengarde" : Boy discovers gold on girl's property. Boy persuades girl to elope.

Girl expresses herself to the boy with complete frankness.

Of course, she soon regrets her hastiness.
Remember kids, always plan ahead.

(panelage from "Sweet Ermengarde, or, The Heart of a Country Girl," adapted by Rod Lott and drawn by Kevin Atkinson, Graphic Classics: H.P. Lovecraft, Eureka Productions, 2002.)

* * *

Sorry for the lack of postage this past week. Allow me to catch you up on the doin's that have been a'transparin'.

Jon Stewart was quite hilarious. Some political humor (Clinton and Obama, but no McCain), some personal, and some observational. We then followed it up with a late night showing of Iron Man. Sweet. I wonder if Marvel will, in fact, make all those movies they announced while high on opening weekend tallies. Y'know, Captain America, The Avengers, Thor, Luke Cage, Doctor Strange, and (ahem) Ant-Man.

I'm still having some trouble with that last one. Oh, he's a fine hero. But I don't think it'll play very well with the non-fan crowd.

Also, Lisa and I enjoyed getting out of the house so much we've decided to do it again. Got ourselves a couple tickets to see the funniest man in England, Eddie Freakin' Izzard, in June.

Lisa also thinks I should get tickets to see Rush when they come to town in July, but she also flatly refuses to go. Concert going is no fun by yourself, and unfortunately, the only other Rush fan I'm still in touch with lives on the Left Coast (hi Greg!). So, probably not.

* * *

In Left Coast news, there is the remote possibility I'll have to go out to Long Beach sometime this summer for a seminar. Not definite, but quite likely (read: my boss's idea, not mine).

* * *

Had a cold that came and went, then came back and left again, then back again for another third try. I think it had frequent flyer miles in my respiratory system. My lungs are the Atlanta airport.

* * *

In the Good News for Ian department, his mighty swingset/slide has been assembled in the backyard. Did it myself, only took two hours, and I didn't injure myself. Hooray!

In the Good News for Ian, Bad News for Mom & Dad department, Ian has now graduated from his crib. Yes, he got himself a big boy toddler bed. He is so excited by this new development, it's not even funny. Of course, he's now pushed his bedtime back another half-hour because of our inability to get him to stay in it. If we hadn't invested on that extra high-child gate in the doorway to his room, I doubt he'd ever sleep again.

* * *

The writing dare has concluded.

Yes, it's true. And coming in at the end, we have 103 words last Friday, 155 Saturday (one-shot stand alone), 114 Sunday, 130 Monday, and 148 Tuesday, the last day. So, how'd I do?

  • Of the 100 days, I wrote on 99 of them.
  • I produced just over 21,000 words, or 8 stories & flash pieces plus one abandoned and one in progress.
Holy cow.

Of course, I kept on going: 127 Wednesday, and 144 last night (another one-shot). I think it's safe to say that this is now a well-ingrained habit. I'll probably spare you all further detailed reports. Yes, you're welcome.

Reading: The Ten Cent Plague: The Great Comic Book Scare and How It Changed America, by David Hajdu.


Aw, is there nothing you can do to bribe Lisa? There must be some kind of performing art she loves which you find heinous. And, Lisa, if you go to Rush you'll get to experience the novelty of walking right into the bathroom while the guys' line snakes out to the parking lot! C'mon!

And, Jon, if you do come out to Long Beach, let us know if you'll have any spare time for dinner. Schedules permitting, we'd gladly drive up there to see you.

Greg isn't kidding about the complete LACK of line for the ladies' room at a Rush concert. That phenomenon is almost as glorious as the concert itself. If Lisa can't be persuaded by that, don't underestimate how fun a concert can be by yourself. I have some very fond memories of seeing NIN alone.

Let me also echo Greg about the possible Long Beach trip - we'd love to see ya!

No way.

However, I think y'all might have an excellent foundation for a "how to find available men" self-help book for Women of a Certain Age.

Every time I hear their hit on the radio, I start howling Tom Soyyy! and Jon gets annoyed.

As you can see, she's a bit of a tough sell.

But I'll let you guys know if/when Long Beach should come to pass.