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Threats Are Everywhere

Little more excitement than intended this weekend. My brother and his wife & young'un came to Georgia to visit and shop and whatnot, so we came over to my parents as well to make it a family affair. Unfortunately, when Paul & Joy were coming back from their shopping, some doofus in an SUV pulled out in front of them and now their car is, well, a very large paperweight. Happily, they're fine, their boy wasn't in the car so he's fine, and they've made it back home without incident. All is well enough, but man alive. What a pain in the neck for them.

In response to this, we spent Sunday doing laundry. Nice, peaceful laundry.

Of course, laundry hates to be thought of as boring. So when I pulled a wad of wet clothes out of the dryer on one load, a piece of crayon felt out of the pocket of a shirt of mine. Nothing quite like the threat of melted colorful wax on your nice work clothes to get your attention. Remember, kids. Always check your pockets. Always.

Wordage: 187 Saturday, 253 Sunday, and 218 today.


Chris never checks his pockets and our clothes always comes out covered in tissues!

Glad you're still doing 100 words a day at least. Me, not so lucky. Boo on me!

Boo! Get back on that horse, Sam! Or you will be booed a second time!