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Paging Mister DeMille

Oh, hi.

* * *

Stupid cold. Or allergies. Coldergies, Lisa called them. She is so wise.

Still with the words. 124 tonight, 114 last night, 124 Monday, 306 Sunday, and this reportage may be tedious to some, but I really don't give a crap. Suffer, readers!

Reading: Tales to Astonish, by Ronin Ro. All about Jack Kirby & Stan Lee.


Oh, he is a cute little curly-top dude!

Yay, picture!!!! Yeah, that little dude is just way too cute.

I don't know why, but I want to cast you two in a TV show called "Lumberjack and Little Hatchet."

No, I know it makes no sense.

I'm happy to suffer through your word counts.

Aside from the hair, he's the spitting image of his mom. And good, says I!

Also, I think "Lumberjack and Little Hatchet" might do pretty well on the Hallmark channel.

I don't know - I think he might have your eyes, too. Either way, he is adorable!

Nah - I've got another couple pictures with Lisa in a similar pose (one's my desktop pic at work). He's definitely got her eyes.