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How To Kick That Gong To Life

No April Foolage today. Although I'm extremely aware (read: suspicious) of just about everything I see or read on April 1st, I lack the organizational skills to pull off any prankage of my own. Because it has to be good, frankly. Maybe next year.

* * *

Thanks for the encouraging remarks from you guys. They're such low numbers that I find myself occasionally questioning if they're even worthwhile, but still. Last night I submitted the first new story I'd completed in...(hmm, consulting file creation dates in my writing folder)...oh, sweet jebus. One year, nine months. Where does the time go?

We all know the answer to that, of course. But as the song goes, it's nobody's fault but mine. I'm a reformed binge writer who lost the opportunity to binge. I should have reformed my ways, but didn't, until the lovely Ling mentioned the dare. Tim figured all this out much faster than me (go see his new essay, "Not Now, Sweetie, Daddy's Worldbuilding" for particulars). Clearly he's a smart guy. Did you know he's got a new book out? Have you bought it yet? I did, this afternoon.

In truth, I'd actually considered the idea of quitting, or at least taking a really, really extended vacation. As in, I'll try this again when Ian's in elementary school. But I'd read an interview somewhere with Charles Coleman Finlay, who'd said that after he became a father he got serious about writing because he didn't want to have to explain to his kids someday that he'd just given up on his dream. I'm seriously paraphrasing this, of course. If he said nothing of the sort and I'd somehow misremembered it all into words of encouragement, well, then, go subconscious mind!

I doubt this, but who knows. I'm glad I decided not to do that, because I think it would've nibbled at me. Catching up on sleep would've been nice, of course. Hm.

* * *

Word count for last night was 186. Tonight, 179. I started something new, not because I'd gotten dissatisfied with the old story, but because I like to write for anthologies when the right one opens up. It has.


Congrats on keeping going and mailing, Jon!

Thanks, Rob.