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Behold! The Equity Apocalypse!

For those of you who've been watching housing prices circle the drain (I have, out of purely morbid curiosity), here's a website of interest: Google Maps with foreclosures. We've got two in our neighborhood, one of which I didn't know about. Not nearly as bad as some places out in Cali, tho'. Wowsers.


In an attempt to discover local foreclosures, I accidentally discovered that Chuck Norris lives in my town. That either makes me incredibly safe, or just lucky Chuck allows me to live.

That seemed a little weird to me, until I remembered that Chuck Norris's location is how true north is established.

Florida is really red too! On my street, which is all of like 12 houses, 1 is pre-foreclosure. And the sad thing is, it's 60k less than what we paid for my place. OMGWTFBBQ!!!

They (and by "they" I mean the Mortgage Apocalypse blogs out there) say the two worst places are California and Florida. Just don't move anytime, er, soon.