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Various Quests In Progress

Getting things done, things getting done. That's the joy of vacationing at home: you find yourself working on little things that have slipped by the wayside. And I had hoped there'd be more sitting quietly, drinking tea. Ah well.

I did manage to go to buy the next installment in Jim Hines's saga of Jig the Goblin: Goblin War! On sale now, wherever you can find it! And thanks to a Borders gift card I found in my wallet, it cost me nada.

One of the things I have done is twitch the comment filter settings yet again. With luck, this should fix most of the "Comment pending" responses people get when they say stuff here. If it makes you feel any better, under the old rules I had to go in and approve my own comments. Me! These machine intelligences have no respect for their meat masters. But not anymore! Now all (or most) should just skip right on through to be seen by all!

I hope.

* * *

Gary Gygax is dead. Well, crap. There's another blow to my childhood.

* * *

162 words yesterday. Today's count remains, um, theoretical. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go slice up the bread for dinner, then pick up the Boy.

Update: 104 words. Now all I need is a quest for our heroes.


I'm testing the new filter. La la la!

And you have reminded me of a Borders giftcard still in my wallet... perhaps I'll go claim my very own copy of Goblin War tonight!

I does what I can.