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Tuesday Morning Soundtrack

And this morning's random ten:

"Urge For Going," by Joni Mitchell.
"When I Was A Baby," by The New Pornographers.
"Dear Boy," by Paul McCartney.
"Crawling Back To You," by Tom Petty.
"Death Has Never Been A Friend Of Mine," by The Drowners.
"Photobooth," by Death Cab For Cutie.
"Mother's Little Helper," by The Rolling Stones.
"All The Way Up To Heaven," by Guster.
"Felt So Cool," by Adam Schmitt.
"Let It Be," by The Beatles.

Bonus twofer:
"Endgame," by R.E.M.
"I Will Survive," by Cake.

Possibly there is a theme here. But probably not.

Although I haven't reported recently, word totals: last night - 173. Sunday - 156. Saturday - 213.