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Things You Learn On The Internet

That this series, Jughead's Time Police, lasted six issues is unfathomable to me, as it appears to be carefully handcrafted from PURE AWESOME! Also, I was actively buying comics on a regular basis in the early 90's and I have no memory of ever seeing a single issue of this at my local comic shop of the day. Clearly either every issue was snapped up by enthusiastic collectors, or my memories have been erased -- by the Time Police!

This cover is unusually disturbing, as it suggests that the Jughead on the left is accompanied by some sort of alternate world female version of Archie Andrews who, judging by the way she's gazing so worshipfully at her Jughead, that their relationship must be, uh, more than just platonic. Archie/Jughead slash writers take note!

* * *

111 words last night. Update: And 136 for today, crafted at the evening reference desk through the magic of Google Documents. Huzzah! Now I can watch tape-delayed Lost with a clear conscience.


There isn't really Archie/Jughead slash.

Please, tell me there isn't.

Oh, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Of course there isn't. Those two are safely closeted by their lawyers. And as we all know, that will keep people from ever writing it ever again.