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Sad But True

Truly it can be said: no one comes to the front door unless they want you to give them money. Except on Halloween. Then they want candy. Same thing, really, only easier to chew.

152 words Friday, 167 Saturday, and 560 words on Sunday, which finishes the tale. Hooray! Tomorrow I start something new.


The advantage of living in an apartment is I can hear solicitors coming down the hall long before they get to my door. It's like a low-tech security system. Or like hoping the lion takes the slower zebra.

Hooray on finishing a tale! How many does that make since you started this 100 words a day thing?

Lessee, two flash pieces at around 450 words each, and two short stories, one at 2,700 words, the other 6,100 words. It's a little startling, frankly, to be writing regularly again. Weird but right.

Four stories! That's great! Consistency seems to be working for you.

I know! Whodathunkit?