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I, For One, Am A Little Creeped Out By Our New Robot Overlords

This is the freakiest looking thing:

BigDog, they call it. Now, mount a 360 camera and a taser on it, and we've got those robot shock troops the future keeps telling us about.

Um. Yay?

* * *

586 words yesterday on a new story.

Update: And 134 for today.


Where's Sarah Conoor when we need her?

I like the part where the guy kicks it. Only they cut away before the robot leaped on his chest and extended its retractable circular saw through his face.

Oh, jeez! That thing is creeping me out a lot!

It just tiptoes along there....

My first thought when I saw it going through the woods was, OMFG Shelob Giant Spiderz!11!

It ain't right.

Jeez that's disturbing. I gotta say, if I was a peaceful demonstrator, my first impulse on seeing something like that would be to run like hell.

Great. Not only does the future belong to fascism, but the overlords will be killing us with freaky, insectoid robots. Thanks for brightening my day.