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Crow, Ian, Crow

The lad's spring portrait, or rather one of them. It's certainly the funniest.

We have another one of him posing with this year's lil' bunny. He's reaching out a finger as if he's expecting to touch it and get some sort of electrical shock. Which maybe he is, after all. Considering all the gene splicing out there, I expect sooner or later someone will crossbreed an electric bunny.

* * *

176 words yesterday, 142 today. Had a moment when yesterday when I sat down to write and didn't have a clue as to what it would be about. I used to write down random ideas all the time, but nothing has to occurred to me in quite a while. It's possible I'll soon be living off my fat.

* * *

Random aside: Based on recent events in Goblin War, I don't think Jim Hines thinks much of The Giving Tree.


Cute pic!
What about a story about electric bunnies? (Okay, that's probably not what you quite had in mind, but it IS an idea)

I know what chapter you just read :-)

I actually have mixed feelings about The Giving Tree. In the beginning, it's a wonderful allegory for the parent-child relationship. But the relationship never changes. It's one thing for the tree to sacrifice for the little kid, but when the boy grows up and the tree is letting herself be chopped down so he can have a mid-life cruise? That's where I run into problems. The tree always gives, and the only thing the boy learns throughout his life is to take even more.

More importantly, I thought it made a fun scene for Oakbottom :-)

I'll go along with you, Jim, on both those points.

Hm. Electric bunnies. Hm. Seems very Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?.