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Conditional Success

And so the move is completed, more or less. On the plus side, my new office is relatively spacious. Now when the players open the door, the description the DM will read is: "Behind the door is a 10' by 10' room. You see a librarian guarding a PC with an Internet connection. What do you do?"

(The traditional answer, of course, is "Attempt to rip out his liver.")

On the minus side, my ID doesn't work to open the door yet, which means I won't be able get back into it come Monday. I shouldn't complain, of course. They only submitted the paperwork for the change a week ago. What was I thinking, expecting it to be taken care of by now? It's not like I need to go in there, after all.

(Rolls eyes)

Stupid bureaucracy.

Update: It works! Hooray! Now I can start preparing traps for unwanted visitors!

* * *

As for the writing, Tuesday was a mere 104 words, Wednesday around 150 (more or less), and last night was 207. And now the weekend!