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Clearly I Have Poor Impulse Control

Saturday afternoon.

Saturday evening.

Apparently, if I'm in the situation where I have a machine that's ailing and the wherewithal to replace it, I will. Ten minutes of sitting in the showroom chair in front of it and I found myself thinking one thing:


Ahem. So, yeah, my earlier dilemma has been resolved. I got a new mac, christened Anduril. It's shiny and pretty and can slice through the Internet like your basic reforged magical sword through an orc platoon.

Uh, 150 odd words yesterday, 125 today. Spring break at Ye Olde Universite starts tomorrow, so I'm taking three days off from work, so that I might get some stuff done.


Very pretty. May its edge stay hard and keen.

It's a beaut. Congrats!!! :-D

It's beautiful!

Aw, thanks, guys.