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A Dubious Distinction

Lisa pointed out to me a couple weeks ago that my ten year anniversary on this corner of the web would be, well, today. Wow. That seems extraordinarily brief in some ways. But heck, I've been doing this since before the word "blogging" was invented, and it seems like that word has been around forever, more's the pity. It's an ugly word.

It's also interesting how things in my life have changed (moves, jobs, offspring, mortgage, semi-responsible adulthood) and how they haven't (rejection! still can't correctly spell the word "similar"!).

For those of you who've been reading me during this time, I'm sorry I haven't been more interesting.

Word counts: Friday, 143. Saturday, 243. Sunday, 208.


too bad about that Microsoft Word upgrade; 5.1 was my favorite.

In retrospect, I agree. As I recall, the upgrade made me legal, which seemed to be a desirable thing at the time. Live, learn, etc.

Happy anniversary to you and your corner. And, again, way to go with the consistent wordage!

Thanks. But if only I could manage numbers like yours.

I have fewer responsibilities than you do. When I did have more responsibilities (no kid, but 50 to 70-hour work weeks for quite a stretch) a couple-few hundred words a day, every day, meant everything to me. "Binge" writing works really well for some people (SarahP comes to mind), but consistency is the key for me. I kinda had to binge on Sunday because I fell behind during my recent road trip. So, seriously, I'm impressed by your productivity.

Wow - 10 years. Congrats. I am wondering how long I've been reading (I don't think it's been all 10, but 10 years ago I also saw you a lot more often than now!)

A ten-year blogoversary (take *that*, English language!) seems like an appropriate point to mention what an inspiration you are to me, Jon. I had pretty much given up writing--had accepted that, with offspring, with work, with exhaustion, there was just never going to be any time to write, ever again. (Let alone working up the nerve to actually submit stories that pre-existed fatherhood, which is another problem altogether) So then I come here, note that you're having trouble with writing--but then notice your word counts slowly accumulating over time, notice you're finishing stories, even with the child-rearing and the working and the everything else. So writing was, in theory, and in someone else's practice, possible. I rushed to my notebook (well, crept up to it like sneaking up to an angry snake) and started to scribble things down. And it sucked, it was awful, and I ended up having to move over to Google Documents instead of a notebook because...well, my handwriting is so awful, it's not even worth trying that way--but, anyway, anyway, today (at work--they can outsource my job, but they'll never outsource my slacking off!) I wrote the final few sentences of a story I've been working on for two weeks. The first story I've finished in 2 years. It's an insane feeling--pride and anxiety mixed together--and I owe that, in large part I think, to watching how you've handled it over the past months. So, this is a thank you, and a congratulations. Um...that's all!
(okay, second time trying to send--way to steal my momentum, comments box!)

Also, "Preview" and "Post" start with the same letter, and in these fast-paced modern times, apparently I can't read past the first letter without wildly striking at buttons.

Aw, thanks, Charles. And no worries about the double comment. I've been having some weird lags with commenting on the site, so it's not you. It's me--er, my ISP.