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Been a lovely evening. Even the clouds have gotten out of the way, allowing me a delightful view of good old Fenris devouring the moon as I sit at my desk, writing my words. Well, once I opened the window shade.

I would raise my ale glass to toast the coming Ragnarok, but I haven't got any ale. I guess that's what makes it Ragnarok. I'll have to make do with my Dasani.

387 words. Furthermore, I think I have an idea for an ending. It's still a ways off, of course, but I think I know where I'm going. On the downside, the left Shift key is sticking very seriously on my machine. I'm going to guess Ian's sticky fingers are somehow responsible.

Gobble gobble, Fenris. Gobble gobble.


Interesting to see you invoke Ragnarök. I think about it often, especially in these seemingly apocalyptic days (global warming, sixth extinction, and all that). It's nice to know someone else has the final battle on his mind. Makes it kind of cheery, despite the whole destined to lose thing.

I'll be sure to say hello to you out there, if I can spot you somewhere within the carnage.

"We can be heroes--just for one day."