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Look To The Skies!

Japanese Astronaut to Throw Paper Planes to Earth:

After successfully testing them this week, aeronautical engineers from Tokyo University believe the planes, made from heat-resistant paper treated with silicon, will survive the fiery descent back to Earth when they are released by a Japanese astronaut on the international space station later this year.


While the 100 or so planes stand only a slim chance of striking land when they begin their journey in November, they will carry messages written in several languages and a request to send them back to Japan - the conventional way - should anyone be lucky enough to find one.

Just don't try and catch one, okay?

Update: 320 words. Also, ten of the words I wrote yesterday I changed. And not just by adding umlauts.


That's totally not going to work. Even if I could believe paper could survive the bajillion degrees that's required for re-entry, I don't believe they'll be anywhere in survivable condition when it hits land.

I call BS!