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Don't Count Me Out

And here I was, doing so well with posting eleven consecutive days and then along comes the three day weekend and BAM! It, er, stops.

To be fair, it was a bit busy as weekends go. Saturday my parents came to visit, which was swell. On the downside, it ended a bit abruptly when we discovered a rash on Ian's stomach and we had to take him to the urgent care to make sure he wasn't having a reaction to the sulfa antibiotic.

Answer: he was not.

Sunday we had lunch with Lisa's parents and then spent the day running about the boy and generally whooping it up like we do, until he went to bed and we said, that does sound like a good idea. So we went to bed too.

And yesterday, the Day of Presidents (well, two of them anyhow), I took the day off from work. Not because I love the Executive Branch so much, but because Ian had the day off. Daycare was closed. He's still not at that stage where we can leave him with the remote and check in around lunchtime, so we made other arrangements. That would be me. Once the day came to a halt, Lisa and I viewed a Netflix movie that had been sitting around the house for six weeks, then again went to bed. Shrek 3, if you're curious. Incidentally, the ending for that movie is dead-on.

But I have been keeping up with the writing. To whit:

  • Saturday: 153.
  • Sunday: 111.
  • President's Day: 239.
  • Today: Okay, none as yet. But I've got time! Ha! 240.
Oh, here's something for Lisa: Will Ferrell poses with Heidi Klum in SI's Swimsuit Issue. The video is buggy as hell, but judging by the gallery photos, Klum appears to be as big a goofball as Ferrell. Whodathunkit?


Glad Ian doesn't have the sulfa allergy -- I have that one. It's not fun! Sounds like you had a mostly lovely weekend!

Awesome that you've been keeping up with the writing. I haven't! Valentine's Day I skipped and Sunday because Chris' family came down to celebrate our engagement.

Chandra, we're pretty happy about that too.

Sam, does that mean you're going to restart your 100 days as per their directions?