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Can't Trust That Day

My thanks to you all for your kind words, thoughts, and psychic projects of support. Had the followup visit today, due to last night's leakage in the tub. The doctor performed some treatment to relieve the pressure. Read here: squeezing. Yes, ouch. There was some crying and some blood, all of it from Ian.

Actually, when the doctor left the room for a moment to get something, he looked up at us and said, "I donne wanna do dis no more." I SWEAR TO GOD. The longest sentence he's ever said in our presence, and it's a plea to stop. Breaks my heart.

Fortunately, his wounds are looking much better, so we may escape having to get them lanced. I hope, I hope. The doc also got enough material to culture, which should settle the question of the MRSA once and for all. We go back again Monday afternoon, and until then, the lad'll be getting a bath every night. He'll be the cleanest boy in the kingdom!

111 words.


What a sweet, good little boy. I know this is hard on you and Lisa. I'm sending loving thoughts your way!

Thanks, Lisa.