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Brains! Brains! Cut!

Happy 50% Off Chocolate Day! And to give you all a break from my worrying about Ian (he's fine! yay!), here's something else interesting. Or worrisome, depending on how you view the real estate market: a photolog of empty and abandoned commercial real estate in a Sacramento suburb. I bet someone films a zombie movie there.

* * *

361 words. The only problem with this new story is I don't know where it's going (well, except in the sense of the hero will triumph). That's not really enough; I like to have some sort of ending to shoot for, even if that's not how it actually ends up ending. It's a bit worrisome.

* * *

Heh. Lisa just told me our governor is being hopefully mentioned as a possible running mate for McCain by our local news media. To which I say: uh huh. At least that would get him out of the state.


Oh wow, that's so scary. I used to live in Natomas!!! When I moved in, there was a Home Depot there and maybe a gas station because it was near the King's stadium (basketball). By the time I'd moved out, there was a Borders down the street, 3 Starbucks, and a dozen restaurants. Most of it was undeveloped area and the place looked like it was booming. They must have built too many buildings all at once. Which is kind of what's happening here at Waterford Lakes. If it wasn't for the Old Navy and the Super Target, I think the area would be totally dead.

I'm a little behind on my reading -- I'm very happy to hear that Ian is doing better! I know the trips to the dr had to be heartbreaking!

I am all for Sonny running with McCain (though, why McCain would want him is a mystery...)