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Balloon Boy

As mentioned before, here we see Ian as he prepares to embark on his Trans-Atlantic flight. His grandmother stands in the background, looking both proud and concerned. Not pictured: his father, who at the time was enjoying a piece of homemade pound cake with chocolate frosting.

If you're curious, Ian's shirt says "Big Trouble in a Little Shirt," beside a picture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Could also be Godzilla, but I'm pretty sure it's a T-Rex.

My Uncle David took that picture, along with countless others. He also took a pretty good one of me, Lisa, and Ian. We look positively all-American. Perhaps he has some special lens filter.

Still keeping up with the dare. Yesterday: 347 words. Today: 516. Momentum, baby!


"Big Trouble in a Little Shirt" is the most awesome t-shirt slogan.

And you three are a fine-looking family.

And go you on the dare!

And, finally, I like cake.

Awww, aren't you guys such a cute family!!

And go on the words! You're totally rockin'. Your total words for today equal the total words for my week. Woot!

Awesome pictures! Yay!!

Also, way to go on the dare so far -- I admire you from afar. :-D

That's an adorable kid you got there.

Ah, the cuteness! My eyes, my eyes...!

Ian's starting to look like a little boy instead of a toddler. Have I mentioned just how adorable I think he is?

And - great pic of the 3 of you!