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January 31, 2008

Thor Sez

Yay, Greg!

As for myself, the power went out at the library a half dozen times in the last hour of my evening shift. This seems hardly fair, but then I'm not favored by the Thunder God here. Ah well.

January 30, 2008

Question For The Audience

Anyone know where I can get one of those "Colbert/Iron Man '08" bumper stickers Stephen had on The Colbert Report the other night?

January 29, 2008

Lay Waste To Father Time

Busy again today (three classes, aiee!), so I'm leaving you with something to do. Make your own album cover!

1. The article you get when you click this link is the name of the band.

2. The last four words of the last quote on this page is your album title.

3. The third picture, the upper right hand, will be your cover photo. Square off whatever picture you get, so that it looks right.

4. Profit!

These guys were all the rage back in '83. In, uh, Iceland.

Update: Ah, Lisa's naturally puts mine to shame.

When it comes to making art, she is, in fact, an artist. I'm just a photoshop monkey.

(memeresque behaviors courtesy of Pandagon)

January 28, 2008

State Of The Art

Oh, it's been a fun couple weeks. Been busy, been sick, been writing. But not fictional tales of elves and sentient copier machines and talking library books that call up the librarian when they've been stolen, no, nothing so interesting. Just the semester library newsletter. But it's all done now, released into the world in a mass email that will only be opened by a half-dozen people. Hopefully my mind can now wander into more interesting directions and take my typing fingers with them. One can hope.

Reading: There has been some reading. Finished volume two of Vance's The Demon Princes. Read the new Spenser novel, whatever it was called. Read Neil Gaiman/John Romita Jr.'s trade collection The Eternals, and gorgeous it was. And just reread King's Dance Macabre. That was interesting, considering it was written almost thirty years ago. The early horror movie parts and fiction stays the same, but the TV/movie sections are really dated. He didn't think much of the media horror produced at the time.

January 10, 2008

A Boy And His Scarf

Bundle up!

January 09, 2008


I had briefly altered my commenting filters to allow the use of 'http,' since the spammage had dried up somewhat. The use of that is what's making everyone who includes their website have to be approved. Unfortunately, within 24 hours they were back. I'm considering changing to a true approved commenters list, but that might require a little finagling to implement. You know, in my copious free time. We shall see.

* * *

Interesting to note the resurgence of Clinton in NH. The day after the Iowa caucus with the Obama surge, a number of "Hillary for Prez" signs cropped up on campus, the first overt advertising here except for a few cryptic "Who Is Ron Paul" (according to FOX, no one in particular) last November. I wondered at the time if this was pushback from the Clinton camp or some maneuvering on the part of our College Republicans. That might sound cynical, but you know, it happens. There's a large billboard on a nearby highway advertising our local talk radio, and they've got a gigantic picture of Hannity's mug with "Stop Hillary Now!" in 2,400 point type. Of course, she has to start to be stopped.

All right, that's enough politics for now. Gotta pace ourselves.

Reading: The Demon Princes, vol. 2, by Jack Vance. I noticed there was a 12 year publication gap between The Palace of Love, last book in vol. 1 and The Face, first book in vol. 2. I bet that was annoying to readers at the time.

January 04, 2008

Twelfth Night

Tonight is the last of twelve days of Christmas, a time for spirits to break free their shackles and roam the earth (see, Dickens: A Christmas Carol). Which, judging by the various moaning & wailings I've read from the Republican corners of the Intarweb regarding last night's triumphant triumph of one Mike Huckabee, I can only suggest that maybe they'll get lucky and Zombie Reagan will arise from the grave tonight to lead the party. Back to, er, the 80's, I guess. That might be fun. I was a hopeless geek in high school, but maybe I could bring my iPod along to pass the time.

* * *

A startling and terrifying development in Ye Hansen Household today: when we picked up the boy from daycare, they told us he refused to take his nap. And while he didn't go to bed until his regular bedtime, boy, was he cranky. Man alive. Not quite Linda Blair with the head spins and the pea soup, but wow.

He's asleep now. Quiet. If you wake him, you'll have to soothe him back to sleep.

January 02, 2008

Failure To Pimp

Discovered something I meant to report last month, before my brainpan went all foggy with the joyous and the yuletide: my weirdo prosey poemic tale "How to Draw the Dark Lord in Ten Easy Steps" had appeared in the December ish of Ideomancer. I hang my slacktastic head in shame. Ain't nobody else out there likely to pimp my work, and if I can't be bothered, well, that's just sad. Woe, shame, and so on. For those of you wishing to read it, here's a direct link to the tale. Enjoy!

* * *

Tomorrow they caucus in Iowa. Lisa and I never caucused when we lived there, as it sounded like considerably more work than we were interested in. For the upcoming primaries (for all of you, not just you attention hogs in Iowa & New Hampshire), if you're still considering the field of candidates, might I recommend the GOP Primary Field in Buffy Villains? Assuming you're voting Republican, of course.

Now then; that hot cocoa isn't going to drink itself. But if it does, I promise to take pictures.

Update: Aw, man. Snurri already posted that link, hours before me. Hours! Oh, the shame. I ain't takin' it down, tho'.

January 01, 2008


Ah, 2008: let's keep it interesting, ok? Just not too interesting.

Incidental, here I was, wondering what my New Year's Resolution would be, when the strange minds at Least I Could Do came up with it for me. Very thoughtful, I sez. I cannot, no way in Hades pull off the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. look, but the rest has possibilities. Sharper Image sells lightsabers, don't they?