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That's Mister Caffeine To You, Pal

In an amusing followup to the other morning, at lunch today a student I didn't recognize greeted me with, "Hey, it's Caffeine Man!"

I think it makes a good argument for going back and getting that doctorate. That way I could be known as Doctor Caffeine. Or Professor Caffeine. Admittedly that sounds more like a supervillain's name.

There's probably a supervillain called that already, some kind of Flash knockoff who's a professor at Evil University. There he teaches classes on getting doomsday devices when you're up against an impossible deadline and plots how he's going to take out the school with giant robots if the tenure committee passes him over.

It's also possible I'm thinking too much about this.


Has Greg mentioned that, including his lovely SO, our circle of friends includes Dr. Will, Dr. Hurt, and Dr. Strong?

I have met Doctor Will (at WFC2004)! But not Doctor Hurt or Doctor Strong.

Your sidekick could be named Biscotti Boy.

Or maybe not.