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This All Sounds Familiar

At this rate I might as well make this a weekly delivery, as it seems it's all I can do. The days have a way of just blinking by.

* * *

Ian started his first day in the new room today. No longer a Tadpole, he's now a Starfish. And how did it go? Why, he came home after two hours with a fever and (after a trip to the doc) a double ear infections. Oy. Antibiotics for all!

Incidentally, for all that he's sick, he was quite the squirmy guy in the doctor's waiting room, and I should know. I held him for an hour. Finally resorted to putting him on the floor, then holding the back of his shirt so he couldn't escape. He just rocked back and forth on his hands and knees, like a German Shepherd straining against his leash so he could go savage the mailman. The other parents (and by parents, I mean moms) in the waiting room were all quite amused.

* * *

Got word from Mr. Klima that my poem "Under the Garden in Dreams" will be appearing in ish #13 of Electric Velocipede, along with the poetic likes of KJ Bishop, Mikal Trimm, and Marly Youmans. Should be out by World Fantasy.

Reading: More Wodehouse. Can't recall the exact title, however. You Betcha, Jeeves? Jeeves And His Marvelous Cerebellum? Marry Me, Jeeves? Well, you get the idea.



Congratulations, Jon! I'm a fan of EV, for the fiction and the poetry.

Lively boy you got there. Hope he feels better soon.

And congrats on the sale!

Thanks to you I just started reading the Golf Omnibus, thirty-odd Wodehouse golf stories.