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One Can Dream

It's a shame illnesses don't respond well to threats. I think medicine would be much more entertaining if you could get better by having a doctor shake his fist and shout "Don't make me come in there after you!"

Of course, what would this do to insurance premiums?

* * *

At the library booksale today, I found a copy of the GURPS rules (3rd edition, basic set) for a whopping fifty cents. Couldn't pass that up. Never played GURPS, but their list of settings, etc. is pretty impressive. Plus there's all those homegrown settings fans have made: GURPS Pokemon. GURPS Harry Potter. Hmm. Ian might be interested in a few years, if I worked up a GURPS Spongebob Squarepants. Besides, I'm not the first person to have thought of something like this.


Woo! Gurps! They have the best setting supplements, but very cumbersome mechanics, IMO. But I think learning to max-min might better than traditional math classes... :)

I shake my fists at your illness and growl menacingly.

But I bet your illness just laughs at me.